Houston, Texas, United States
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5' 9"
Caucasian (white)
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Medical / Health services
In my own words:
My zodiac sign is Leo. I am a proud, strong, playful and sensual woman.
I am a Registered Nurse with a Master’s Degree in Nursing. I retired last year but didn’t like it; so I am looking for another position.
I am an honest person. Don't ask me a question unless you are willing to hear my answer. I do not try to hurt others with my responses and I sometimes find myself struggling with the words to make my response sound more positive than negative.
I am a caring person and injustices hurt me deeply. I don't like to see people or animals injured or abused.
I’m not a jealous person. If someone I am with would rather be with someone else, that is fine. Let's just make a clean break and go our separate ways. It is not to say that my heart will not be broken. I will never let the person know how much it affected me. I am not the gal that will send numerous text messages or make tons of calls to try to win you back. One call or text, you don’t respond, I’m gone.
I love to hold hands, hug, steal kisses, hold the arm of my man when we were in public and yes, make love. I really do like dancing, standing, walking or sitting in the rain.
I have met some men in person that were not what they claimed to be online. If you don’t look like your pictures, you’re buying the drinks until you do. I am kidding. I can’t possibly drink that much! Some men believe romance is jumping into bed for a one-night stand. That is not what I am looking for. I am looking to connect with a man on a deeper, mutually satisfying level. I want to know what my partner likes and does not like. How I can help him be the best he can be? What can I do to inspire him to be 'my hero' to allow me feel safe when I am with him? I believe in communication and really listening to my partner in both his words and non-verbal cues.
I would like someone to love and respect me for who I am, who loves to take my hand and surprise me with a kiss when I least expect it, or give me a wink across the room or give me a call just to tell me he's thinking of me ... Because I want to do the same thing ... Ideally, someone who is fun to be around, likes to laugh, joke, not afraid of contact, enjoys a stolen kiss, watch the sunset, the stars at night and seeing the sunrise.
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